Monday, May 31, 2010

Hurts - Wonderful Life

This song is supposed to be about a girl coming upon a man who is going to commit suicide... he plans on jumping off a bridge and taking his own life, she takes his hand and they end up falling in love. There is something beautiful about the lyrics of this song... cheesy, dancey, or whatever you wanna call it, that speaks to me and makes me wanna dance and celebrate life.......

HURTS - Better Than Love

I am totally obsessed with this group called Hurts!!! Mostly because the singer is pretty to look at,  and I think the lighting makes his cheekbones look FANTASTIC!!! Also because I was reading some of the lyrics and thought they were beautifully written. Yes I like cheesy, music and  I am not even a little ashamed. But what really sucks is that Itunes US doesn't have anything available yet, except for a remix which I  bought and really like, but don't understand why you can't purchase music across the board on the site, money is money right? Why not offer up the tunes to anyone that is willing to pay???

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today is my adorable son Jonah's 11th birthday, I cannot tell you in words howmuch I love him! He is amazingly funny and bright, and every day he makes me laugh or smile. He has the ability to make friends wherever he goes, and can entertain you for hours just with the funny faces he makes. I love to hear the sound of his laughter when he giggles. I love to watch him play basketball in the front yard, or playing the drums, or even when he falls asleep( especially when he thinks I'm not watching!). And I can't believe how fast he has grown before my eyes from my baby into a beautiful young man. I am amazed often how much he has taught me, and what a wonderous imagination is in that head of his. It will be great to see what 11 will bring us and all the years to come to look forward to.....Here are some pictures that I think capture his amazing spirit!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After feeling the last BIG earthquake on April 6th that was a 7.2 magnitude which totally freaked me the heck out! I started thinking about how many after shocks and smaller earthquakes I have felt since then, apparently there is alot of information that I did not know about earthquakes, so I went to this website and learned that there can be as many as 1600 in one day. In fact I just felt one about 5 minutes ago that's why I am posting this...Sometimes we have to remember how really small we are and for me the earth moving beneath my feet really does the trick. I feel like a granule of insignificance every time an earthquake happens. and i f you want to learn more go here and you can see the recent earthquake activity to the minute along with helpful information on the frequency and where all the activity is:

Careful Not to Lose all Sense of Space and Time....

I somehow found this website through another blogosphere, and WOW I could spend hours just looking at all the pictures of different stuff it's fantastic!!

Great Wall Decals.....

This is a great idea for decorating a large wall or even applying on a canvas as art itself. These come in black or white and they have quite a selection to choose from. I like how the trees can overlap each other, as they come individually and you can place them on the wall as you wish. I just ordered them in white to go in my dining room. It is somewhat of an Asian motif. I painted the walls in a gold metallic paint, and since have inherited the most beautiful gold leaf vintage Japanese style painting to go on the wall. When I first got it the color of the painting was exactly the color of the wall, but changing a three step metallic painting process can be difficult. So I have let it stay there and come to the decision of putting the wall decals behind the painting to break up the solid-goldness of it all. Hopefully my idea will come out as I imagine it in my head... I think the contrast will look great over the gold!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mark Shaw...

One of my favorite photographers of all time is Mark Shaw. If you don"t know of him he was one of the most famous photographers to have been in the white house when the President Kennedy was in office. He took some of the most intriguing photos of the whole family, as well as some of my favorite iconic fashion shots of Audrey Hepburn. And he had an incredibly amazing eye for detail. In every shot he takes you are able to see his incredible artistic talent. He can make a subject literally jump out of the picture with beauty.....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Whenever I Call You Friend~Stevie Nicks and Kenny Loggins

Ben and I were making dinner last night and listening to cable radio when I heard this song come on and totally forgot that Stevie Nicks did this duet. I remember being a kid and taping this song by holding my purple boombox up to the radio and pressing record, then taking it back to our arpartment complex carport and pretending it was Skate Palace with all my friends skating in a circle.
 I love all the photos of Stevie Nicks in this video....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nails at Alexander Mcqueen show this season.....

In honor of my upcoming party, I am posting some inspirations, the  nails in gold below are by Minx, and were worn for the Alexander Mcqueen show:

We'll leave the alien-esque sculpted hair and even more bizarre makeup at McQueen to the Trekkies of the world (some models actually had prosthetic pieces attached to their faces). But we actually kinda loved the super-long, metallic fake nails at the show. After each model got her extensions, the nails were covered with custom-made Minx—metallic sheets that go on like stickers—that came in 10-plus designs to match the fabrics in the collection. (Backstage, the Minx team told Allure beauty editor Victoria Kirby that they'd been working 12-hour days for over a week to create the elaborate nail art—and since some of the show's fabric patterns changed at the last minute, the Minx ladies had to re-do some of the nails the night before the show.) Though the designs were hard to see from a distance, up close "they were beautiful," Kirby said.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

C. Booth Products I LOVE!

This is a great way to reduce cellulite. The apricot kernel oil concentrate in it moisturizes really well, and the smell is fantastic too, it's only $6.99!!c. Booth Firming Body Lotion, Apricot Oil 15 fl oz (443 ml)

C. Booth Products I LOVE!

c. Booth Green Apple Micro Dermabrasion Scrub 4 fl oz (118 ml)

I love this scrub, it has to be one of the best skin care products on the market. The granules are fine and it smells really nice, you can get it for around $10.

King Shag Sauvignon Blanc.....

Gorgeous nose, full of kiwi fruit, star fruit and citrus. In your mouth, it's just as good as expected. Light bodied, nicely acidic and full of lemon lime citrus flavors. I really like a very acidic wine, and I have found that almost every wine I love the taste of comes from the same region Marlborough New Zealand. This one is one of my absolute favorites and you can get it at Trader Joe's for about $6.99.
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Hob Nob Pinot Noir.....

One of my all time favorite wines, it taste as if you were eating just roasted marshmallow with a chocolate finish. I think I love it even more becuase they have a website with a wine locator button. You just enter in your zip code and there is a list of stores in your area that carry it, pretty cool huh?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Invisalign Journey....

As most of my friends and family know I started my journey towards a better smile with Invisalign in February. I am now on my 7th tray and will be on my 8th soon. It has been great thus far, except for the time it has added onto my day. I start out each morning wake up have coffee (with trays in) then right before I am ready to eat take them out, put them in effordent for dentures (haha) and leave them to soak for about 15 minutes. Then I proceed to eat my breakfast, get dressed, floss, brush, brush my Invisalign and reinstall the suckers back into my mouth. This process has to be done three times a day and has added on 45 minutes to my regular regimen. I spoke with a friend today that mentioned his co-worker had started braces (regular train track type) too and would be wearing them for 2 years and was in alot of pain from the tightening and rubbing against his gums. So then I thought it's not really that bad, I am really lucky not really ever am I in any pain, and I quite look forward to the changing of the trays (which is usually when they are the tightest) because I can feel my teeth are moving. Sometimes now and then I will get a mild headache but nothing excrutiating. Once I am onto my 10th tray in about a month I will be a third of the way through. Every day I wonder what my smile will end up looking like, will it look great or not? We will have to see....

Monday, May 17, 2010

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio.......

He was only 67.......

Greyson Chance Singing Broken Hearts

Everytime I listen to him sing I cry, I LOVE his voice, Jonah and I are big fans of his! He has in one weeks time, posted his school talent show on Youtube, gone  on the Ellen show, and now has a record deal with Interscope, how amazingly awesome is that! What an amazing talent he has as a songwriter. Jonah and I both really like this song.

Greyson Chance Singing Stars

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Barrett Junction....

We went to Barrett Juntion today for a biker(or should I say Harley Davidson) event that my Dad's band Road Kill was playing at and it was was pretty cool!
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Backyard Beauties.....

Here are a couple of photos I took of my cute little dogs Ruby and Butter in our backyard when the flowers started blooming...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Introducing Google Translate for Animals

I know alot of friends that would love to know what their animals are thinking........

Ipod Problems and Troubleshooting......

So recently this past year for Christmas I decided to get my husband a new surround sound stereo system I thought it would be great because we constantly have friends coming over wanting to dock their Ipod somewhere and alot of the systems now include a docking station. So I found one that suited our needs and our budget.  I was very excited to use my new Ipod Nano for New Years Eve, everyone always loves loud music to dance to on New Years Eve, right? Well come to find out the volume levels on the Ipod were no where near the volume levels of a regular old CD. And this is why I wanted an Ipod in the first place to not have to make CD mixes for every party I ever have, frustrating to say the least! So anyway today I found some very helpful information on a chat board that was life changing.... YES I said "life changing"! After speaking on the phone back and forth to my husband about what I was going to do about the music for our next party, going over and over speakers, cords and the possibility of having to create another mix CD etc. I decided to type into Google my troubleshooting question which was:

Why when I plug in my Ipod to my home stereo is the volume level low?

And I found this on a chat board and thought WHY THE HELL DON"T THEY TELL YOU WHEN YOU BUY YOUR IPOD! My volume levels were all preset to half of what they could have been at because of some lawsuit, dumb... really really dumb!!! And anyone that purchases an Ipod will have theirs preset for them unless they go online on itunes and change the setting themselves. If you would like to learn how to do this please see the following steps below. Step one was all I needed to have my Ipod play twice as loud as it had before, which makes me so happy! If this information helps anyone else out there that likes to have parties and dance to really loud music then I have done my job!

1) Connect your ipod to itunes and highlight all of your music and then right click on the highlighted songs. Go to Get Info and then Options and then move the Volume adjustment slider to 40-50% above "none" and this will help significantly with very little (if any) audio quality loss. Apple had to reduce their standard output volume of the ipod because of a lawsuit about hearing loss a couple of years ago and it decreased the volume of songs on the ipod significantly.

Not just significantly, the turned that shit down halfway........ridiculous!

2) Get a docking station or a dock cable for connection to the stereo. The docking station will probably be better but I personally use the cable because it was cheaper and I do not use it enough with my setup to justify a good docking station at this point.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Combat PMS.....

And here is a vitamin formula that" I really LOVE"!T his has female factors to regulate my cycles (hormones can be awful without this!) Immune factors, Superfood Complex, Digestive Enzymes, Antioxidants, Minerals, Detoxification Support, Energy Herbs as well as MInerals and Vitamins. I definately feel better when I take these on a regular basis especially with my moodiness as a woman. It really helps get through PMS.

And here is where to get it:
One 'n' Only Women's Formula by Pure Essence

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