Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ipod Problems and Troubleshooting......

So recently this past year for Christmas I decided to get my husband a new surround sound stereo system I thought it would be great because we constantly have friends coming over wanting to dock their Ipod somewhere and alot of the systems now include a docking station. So I found one that suited our needs and our budget.  I was very excited to use my new Ipod Nano for New Years Eve, everyone always loves loud music to dance to on New Years Eve, right? Well come to find out the volume levels on the Ipod were no where near the volume levels of a regular old CD. And this is why I wanted an Ipod in the first place to not have to make CD mixes for every party I ever have, frustrating to say the least! So anyway today I found some very helpful information on a chat board that was life changing.... YES I said "life changing"! After speaking on the phone back and forth to my husband about what I was going to do about the music for our next party, going over and over speakers, cords and the possibility of having to create another mix CD etc. I decided to type into Google my troubleshooting question which was:

Why when I plug in my Ipod to my home stereo is the volume level low?

And I found this on a chat board and thought WHY THE HELL DON"T THEY TELL YOU WHEN YOU BUY YOUR IPOD! My volume levels were all preset to half of what they could have been at because of some lawsuit, dumb... really really dumb!!! And anyone that purchases an Ipod will have theirs preset for them unless they go online on itunes and change the setting themselves. If you would like to learn how to do this please see the following steps below. Step one was all I needed to have my Ipod play twice as loud as it had before, which makes me so happy! If this information helps anyone else out there that likes to have parties and dance to really loud music then I have done my job!

1) Connect your ipod to itunes and highlight all of your music and then right click on the highlighted songs. Go to Get Info and then Options and then move the Volume adjustment slider to 40-50% above "none" and this will help significantly with very little (if any) audio quality loss. Apple had to reduce their standard output volume of the ipod because of a lawsuit about hearing loss a couple of years ago and it decreased the volume of songs on the ipod significantly.

Not just significantly, the turned that shit down halfway........ridiculous!

2) Get a docking station or a dock cable for connection to the stereo. The docking station will probably be better but I personally use the cable because it was cheaper and I do not use it enough with my setup to justify a good docking station at this point.
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