Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get Crafty With The Girls With Glasses

Very reminiscent of The SNL skits with the "Craft Corner Ladies" except it's not a comedy skit,these girls are serious! They are cute, and they do have some great tips....

Get Crafty With The Girls With Glasses from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

or go to The Girls With Glasses

Cha Cha Cha - Chia

I was reading the Oh Joy blog this morning and came across these adorable succulent creations by Floral Art LA. Since I am a stylist, and love succulents (mostly because I can't kill them) I thought they were amusing. Kinda like a chia pet with some street style.....

Happy Halloween!

Looking forward to having some friends over tonight for some homemade chili and pizza before the kids head out to trick or treat, can't wait for the part where I get to raid the candy bags and gorge myself with chocolate muahahahaha!!!

 Image via AMP

Julian Lage

I was reading about The Julian Lage Quartet in the papaer this morning and thought I would Youtube him. My Dad has always been my favorite guitar player to date besides Charro (Yes Charro, she is one of top flamenco guitarists in the world, and also starred on The Love Boat, and I LOVE her!) This guy is amazingly talented and pretty cute too! Would be great to see him play in person.....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tupac Made Me Laugh Yesterday

I was driving last night home from the store and I never realized the sample in the song is Bruce Hornsby and the Range HAHAHA......that part was funny!
I remember the day after Tupac died my friend and I walked out into her courtyard to find a makeshift memorial, complete with candles and a poster of Tupac. And it was sad. I really thought he was an amazing lyricist, and he did have a great vision for what he wanted for the future. And what's more sad is he never did see our black president....I still LOVE this song!

Erte One of My Favorites

 I have been a huge fan of Erte ever since I can remember. I remember going  with some realtives for a day trip to the Hotel Del Coranado for lunch. Down one of the hallways was an exhibition of the Erte Alphabet that I had never seen. I loved every single one of the illustrations A through Z! And have ever since had a complete obsession with his artwork. In some ways I guess you could say I have a fascination for that era, the style, glamour and makeup . I have also been recently reading the book by Barbara Walters called
"Audition: A Memoir" which brought me back to Erte and how much I love him. Barbara Walters father Lou Walters famously started "the Latin Qaurter" in New York and Miami. Which back then was a dinner, dancing and a variety show type of establishment, one of the first of it's kind. He was ahead of his time, and had grandios ideas of an incredible elaborate stage shows, with even more elaborate costumes which he actually had Erte design for him. In her book Barbara Walters admits having some of the very first fashion illustrations Erte made for The Latin Quarter hanging over one of her sofas. Wow pretty cool huh? I would love to see some of those sketches. I think Erte's artwork is still hugely relavent today and timeless....
The Russian-born painter Romain de Tirtoff, who called himself Erté after the French pronunciation of his initials, was one of the foremost fashion and stage designers of the early twentieth century. From the sensational silver lamé costume, complete with pearl wings and ebony-plumed cap, that he wore to a ball in 1914, to his magical and elegant designs for the Broadway musical Stardust in 1988, Erté pursued his chosen career with unflagging zest and creativity for almost 80 years. On his death in 1990, he was hailed as the "prince of the music hall" and "a mirror of fashion for 75 years".

Born in St. Petersburg and destined by his father for a military career, Erté confounded expectation by creating his first successful costume design at the age of five, and was

finally allowed to move to Paris in 1912, in fulfillment of his ambition to become a fashion illustrator. He soon gained a contract with the journal Harper's Bazaar, to which he continued to contribute fashion drawings for 22 years. Erté is perhaps best remembered for the gloriously extravagant costumes and stage sets that he designed for the Folies-Bergère in Paris and George White's Scandals in New York, which exploit to the full his taste for the exotic and romantic, and his appreciation of the sinuous and lyrical human figure. As well as the music-hall, Erté also designed for the opera and the traditional theatre, and spent a brief and not wholly satisfactory period in Hollywood in 1925, at the invitation of Louis B. Mayer, head of Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer.

After a period of relative obscurity in the 1940s and 1950s, Erté's characteristic style found a new and enthusiastic market in the 1960s, and the artist responded to renewed demand by creating a series of colorful lithographic prints and sculpture. This luxuriously illustrated museum contains a rich and representative selection of images, drawn from throughout Erté's long and extraordinary productive career

The death of Erte in April 1990 at the age of ninety-seven brought an end to a career of extraordinary brilliance and success - or rather two careers. The first, which began when the young Russian aristocrat Romain de Tirtoff Arrived in Paris in 1912, extended through a stint in the haut couture house of Poiret and a twenty-two-year association with Harper's bazaar to the beginning of World War II. During that period, Erte Produced 250 covers for Bazaar; innumerable drawings for the magazine's pages; fashion designs for some of the world's most glamorous women; costumer and set designs for Hollywood movies and stage productions ranging from scenes in George White's Scandals and Folies-Bergere to the Paris Opera; and a variety of product designs.

Following a period of comparative eclipse during the war and its aftermath, Erté's second career began when he met London art dealer Eric Estorick in 1967. Impressed by the huge body of superb work in the artist's Paris studio, Estorick was determined to relaunch Erté's career. This effort was crowned with spectacular success in New York and London exhibitions of gouache paintings and drawings. As important as was the sale of pictures, the enthusiastic response of many start of theater and fashion who came to Erté's exhibitions gave the strongest indication that there was still a keen audience for his work. Indeed, it became apparent that the demand for it by not only those able to afford originals but young people of limited means was too large to be satisfied by the existing works. This led to the decision to create multiples - first graphics and, later, bronze sculptures.

As Estorick says in his text, to characterize the success of these programs as a revival is inadequate; it was a sensation. During the twenty-five years of Erté's second career he achieved again the level of fame that he had in an earlier generation, but with an even wider public. Those years saw also the publication of many books on Erté's work, including two large-format books on the graphics, "Erte at Ninety" and "Erte at Ninety-Five", and one on the sculpture "Erte Sculpture".


Brandon Boyd's Collaboration with Tom's Shoes

This video is from 2009, I had no idea that Brandon Boyd collaborated with Tom's shoes...pretty cool! Not really into the flats, but if he collaborated on their wedges I would have been a happy girl! It's all for a cause though let's not forget....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Views Galore

K-M-architektur designed this house overlooking Lake Walensee in Switzerland. Wouldn't it be nice to vacation there, what a view!

Dave Grohl - Band On The Run at The White House

So the other night my husband was flipping through channels when we saw on the menu "Sir Paul McCartney at The White House" I was like cool, let's watch it! It was Sir Paul himself being honored for a Gershwin award, but being the gentleman that he is, he invited some friends to help celebrate. And thank goodness he did, because I got to witness Dave Grohl ( who I have a huge crush on) do a rendition of one of my all time favorite songs "Band on The Run" and it was awesome!

Greyson Chance

Love this rendition of "Fire" by Augustana sung by Greyson Chance, this kid is gonna go far!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spark - Shut Out The Moon

I love this very intimate version of this song.....

Desert Essence Facial Cleanser

Gentle Nourishing Organic Cleanser - 6.7 oz - Liquid ( Multi-Pack)
OK, so I had to pick up some face wash the other day and since I have  combination  skin with adult (let's use that word loosely) onset acne that I am currently using Retin-A for, as well as for wrinkles (UGHHH getting older is tough), I need to be careful what I wash my face with because I don't want it to dry out my skin any more than I already do. So I picked up this brand Desert Essence Cleanser which has Aloe, Cucumber, and Chamomile extracts along with Cocunut Oil. The benefits of this would be that the ingredients sooth dry skin and help it heal itself. The Cucumber, Chamomile and Aloe are soothing, while the Coconut Oil has an an antifugal effect (for people who break out, or for someone with combination skin) and also has a moisturizing benefit that helps if you are using acne products. The scent is a light citrus and it does remove makeup as well. Get a two pack for $18.37 
 Desert Essence Cleanser

Rai Knight -New New

Rai Knight is adorable!

Egyptian Hip Hop - Moon Crooner

Love this band! The singer sounds a bit like a young Robert Smith...very talented young group!

Gaga Scentsation

Lady Gaga has signed a long-term contract with the beauty company Coty,and will be releasing her first ever fragrance in Spring 2012. So what will Eau de Lady Gaga smell like? During an interview with Oprah this past January, the singer said that she drew inspiration from Queen Elizabeth the First when designing the latex, Victorian gown she wore to meet the Queen of England. At the 2010 Grammy's, she told CBS that "ice princesses and magical angels" inspired her sparkly ensemble. And during the MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga hit the stage in a dress made out of red meat. So what will Lady Gaga's new perfume smell like? Royalty? Magic? Bacon? We have no idea, but we can't wait to find out....

Via Allure

Jared Leto or girl from Russia?

Watch this beautiful girl from Russia transform herself into Jared Leto. This is pretty inspiring for Halloween! It is a 6 min video so ffwd through to the end to see the amazing results, she is awesome!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fallulah - Use It For Good

A beautiful voice that will lull you into a calm state of mind......

You Know I LOVE Me Some Leslie Hall !!!

For those of you not familiar with the AMAZING Leslie Hall, she is not only a talented and hilarious YouTube artist, but also a craftrock artist who who writes songs about gem sweaters, going out and lot's of other shenanigans (in one video she is a keeper of gems sort of like Lord Of The Rings but with Gems) she has multiple photos of herself in elaborate bedazzled sweaters that I'm not sure if she actually made them or is just posing in them, but they are fantastic! Check out more of her photos and videos on her site Leslie Hall where you can also buy her albums and her artwork.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paule T.B. Cuteness

 Check out Paule T.B. from Montreal Canada, I found her on Etsy. Isn't she adorable? And so are her illustrations. She even has a 2011 calendar available. Or she will even draw you a photo of you and your pet, how cute is that?


If you like these, check out more on Inaluxe via Etsy

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Azure Ray "Don't Leave My Mind"

Love their beautiful voices......

Brazilian Blowout Mystery Illness

OK, so it has been not even two weeks (this saturday will be 2 weeks) since I did the Coppola Keratin Treatment on my hair I posted previously about the product how to do it, and where to buy it. Soon after that my brother in law sent me a link telling me that Cosumer Reports actually wants to remove The Brazilian Blowout Brand from US market. And I just wanted to post an update. I have been feeling really strange since I did it. Feeling really dizzy, lethargic, and at times almost like I may faint. When I would stand up I felt like the room was spinning. Not really thinking that the Coppola Keratin Treatment I did would  have given me any of those symptoms but that maybe the fumes could have, I decided to do some research myself, and went onto some hairdresser and stylist forums, where I had previously gone to research before doing the process on myself. Mostly I was hearing "hair loss" but that could be from any combination of things, not just the product alone, so that didn't deter me and I thought "with all my hair I could loose a little and not even notice". So before I did the actual process and found these conclusions I was not in the least bit concerned. However, now after hearing that The Brazilian Blowout is being taken off the market in the US and other countries, and then with further research finding that The Coppola Keratin Treatment is already banned in Ireland and Hong Kong through the European Consumer Affairs website Consumer Affairs Europe (scroll down to read the entry for Coppola.) And I also found that there were multiple websites with stylist who worked in salons where the treatment was done (they didn't even have the treatment done themselves they just work in the salon where it's done) that had dizziness, heart palpitations and fainting spells and alot of disturbing other things reported. I have only done this procedure on one other person other than myself, but I won't do it again because of the health risks. And it is unfortunate because the treatment itself made my hair look fabulous (dammit). But I guess a little more effort exploring the vast plethera of products available to me, is better than feeling like crap and getting sick or getting cancer. And there is nothing more valuable than your own health. So please don't do this to your hair!!! I would not recommend this to anyone!!! There are plenty of other great products that will smooth the hair and make it look just as amazing out there on the market. I am actually going to the doctor for some blood tests and to check my ears tomorrow, just to make sure there are no other issues, and to find out exactly what the cause is to make sure there would be no other reasons for feeling dizzy and fatigued. In the future I will be testing some new products and posting them for curly, coarse, or frizzy hair like mine. I am still on a mission to find the right products that will help make my life easier, and be able to manage my hair better. Even though I am a hairstylist I have plenty of bad hair days too. And I would love to share my adventures in doing so with you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Handmade Guitar Magnets

The Tinka Tree on Etsy has some pretty rad handmade guitar magnets that I think are awesome! And they are only around $8 or $9 for a set, pretty cool huh? I think I know some people who would enjoy these as Christmas gifts.

Vintage Stereo Suitcase Boombox

Mr. Simo's Boomcases are the BOMB! How cool would it be to have one of these babies at the beach, or at the park on a lovely summer day.The Self Powered, Portable Suitcase Stereo system works with your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone jack. This case will last 7+ hours on a single charge (Charger Built In). In addition to running on batteries, The BoomCase can also be plugged in when the party goes inside. To save on weight, you can opt for a plug-in only version.