Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kelly Wearstler - Modern Glamour And Hue

Kelly Wearstler is a brand in herself. She has been on numerous design shows,she is an interior designer and has worked with some of the biggest celebrities in the business all over the world. She also has branched off and done some designs for companies such as Pickard, Bergdorf Goodman, and Schumacher to name a few. I didn't realize but she has two great design books out. The first is called called Modern Glamour which takes you on a journey through some of her commercial and hotel projects. She has an unusual kaleidoscopic style that comes across as glamourous, it gives us different and out of the ordinary ideas for our own homes. The second book showcases her home in Beverly Hills as well as some of her unpublished projects and gives the reader a taste of her vivid range and experimentation with colors and some inspiration for real life Get the book Modern Glamour HERE .Get the book Hue HERE.

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Cake Power

Now that my brother is engaged and getting married this October I am starting to look more at things I have not seen in awhile. And it's amazing to me the choices couples have now for just about anything they can imagine for wedding cakes. I found these ones to be really cute, they are from Loving Sullivan Cakes.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Chantecaille - Spring 2011 Limited Edition Palette

Now this is for a great cause,  you get to help save turtles in the Caribbean as well as get a beautiful palette of shadows along with one cheek color....what a pretty design too! Get it online at Chantecaille in the spring of 2011.
Chantecaille is partnering with Dr. Karen Eckert of WIDECAST, who is focused on saving sea turtles in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, including Caribbean island nations and in Central and South America. WIDECAST, the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (, is comprised of a network of experts resident in more than 40 Caribbean nations and territories, all working together to realize a future where sea turtles and human communities can live together in balance. Please join us in supporting the conservation efforts of this unique organization.
Keep on reading to find out more about this collection, right after the jump.
Chantecaille Spring 2011 Collection
Sea Turtle Palette – Limited Edition – $79.00
This limited edition palette, inspired by the beauty of green sea turtles and their warm, sandy nesting grounds, reflects the fluid ease, billowy freedom and insouciant vintage Parisian chic of fashion. Three Eye Shades and one Cheek Shade reflect the golden warmth of new spring neutrals complimented by an on trend deep sea green eye defining shade. Composed of formulas with the finest pearl and pigment particles to create a natural, satin, sheer veil on the skin with a glowing effect. Eye shades never travel or crease. For the complete Spring look, follow with one of our new long lasting, full color Hydra Chic shades. With the purchase of this refillable palette, 5% of proceeds will help WIDECAST ensure the survival of sea turtles.

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Super 70's Friday

I love all of these songs, and I especially love the hairdo's!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Javier Senosiain Architechture

 Born in 1948 Mexican architect Javier Senosiain's work might look a bit like it's from outer space, but he actually designs things very organically and takes a lot of his cues from nature. His works are similar in design to architecht Frank Lloyd Wright in my opinion, and I think his designs are beautiful and imaginative.He even published a book on bio-architechture that you can get HERE.
photos via Connect In
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bow Wow Couture On Etsy

How cute are these dog collars by Bow Wow Couture they can be custom made to fit your dogs measurements exactly and are not even as expensive as the big chain pet stores.....

Hey Ya Outkast Cover - Sarah Blasko

I really like this version of Hey ya by Sarah Blasko.......

I Heart Norwegian Wood On Etsy

OK, so check out these maximum fringe necklaces that I think are beautiful! They also have alot of different clothing and other jewelry items too that are awesome! Check out I Heart Norwegian Wood.

Harbenger Chair On Etsy

This chair is just gorgeous! Get it on Etsy by Harbenger. 

JJ - Still

This is my new favorite Jam!!!

8 Tracks

Why didn't I know about this sooner??? People can upload their own mixes and anyone can listen for free, if you want you can also purchase the mixes to keep, check out the website and browse around, pretty cool! 8Tracks