Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great Wall Decals.....

This is a great idea for decorating a large wall or even applying on a canvas as art itself. These come in black or white and they have quite a selection to choose from. I like how the trees can overlap each other, as they come individually and you can place them on the wall as you wish. I just ordered them in white to go in my dining room. It is somewhat of an Asian motif. I painted the walls in a gold metallic paint, and since have inherited the most beautiful gold leaf vintage Japanese style painting to go on the wall. When I first got it the color of the painting was exactly the color of the wall, but changing a three step metallic painting process can be difficult. So I have let it stay there and come to the decision of putting the wall decals behind the painting to break up the solid-goldness of it all. Hopefully my idea will come out as I imagine it in my head... I think the contrast will look great over the gold!

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