Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today is my adorable son Jonah's 11th birthday, I cannot tell you in words howmuch I love him! He is amazingly funny and bright, and every day he makes me laugh or smile. He has the ability to make friends wherever he goes, and can entertain you for hours just with the funny faces he makes. I love to hear the sound of his laughter when he giggles. I love to watch him play basketball in the front yard, or playing the drums, or even when he falls asleep( especially when he thinks I'm not watching!). And I can't believe how fast he has grown before my eyes from my baby into a beautiful young man. I am amazed often how much he has taught me, and what a wonderous imagination is in that head of his. It will be great to see what 11 will bring us and all the years to come to look forward to.....Here are some pictures that I think capture his amazing spirit!

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