Friday, November 12, 2010

Update on Ruby's Spine Surgery

Our Ruby went in for her surgery today and  everything came out well. She had one ruptured disc which was causing the paralysis, along with her yelping and pain. The vet said she will have to stay there for observation for another 2 days, and that we could go in for a visit. And then after she comes home she will be strictly confined to the crate for 6 weeks except for potty breaks to help her healing spine. It's unbelievable that all of this has happened so fast, and we all miss her so much, especially her Pomeranian sister Butter! I can't wait to see her too!  I also can't believe how many people including family, friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers reached out to help my little Ruby. I just wanted to say from Ruby, and my entire family  a big "Thank You!" We will keep you posted on her return home. We have had 11 donations so far! And I will never forget the act of kindness, from each and every person who has called, cared, supported us, and donated to help. She is a very special girl!

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