Friday, November 12, 2010

Please Help Our Ruby!!!!

Our dearest 3 year old Dachshund Ruby has recently become paralyzed. It all started Halloween when she was picked up and let out a yelp. We then took her into the vets to do some X-Rays and they told us she had a couple of calcified discs, which is common in Dachshunds ( due to their dwarfism) but can become dangerous if the calcified discs rupture into the spine causing paralyzation. We brought her home with the advice of strict rest and a big bottle of Prednisoone for the inflammation. She was doing good resting, eating, pottying, and taking her meds. Then yesterday she was startled by something and her back legs went down. My husband , my son and I were all completely shocked! We took her into the vet yesterday and they basically told us she is paralyzed and that we could opt for surgery. My husband is at the Emergency Vet Hospital In La Mesa right now as I am writing this.  Now I don't  normally ask people for help, but in this situation every little bit helps right? If there is any way you are in the position to help Ruby and donate money for her surgery even $5 can help us right now, considering the surgery is around $5000. I would be forever grateful if there is anyone out there that could help us in anyway. When I started writing this blog I never thought such a tragedy would happen to our family. And I will keep you updated on her surgery and progress as soon as I can. Please go to the "Donation Button" in the upper right corner of my blog and click if you wish to donate.........Thank You!!!!

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