Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ruby Came Home This Morning

Well Ruby finally made it home, thank goodness! The first  two pics are when we got home this morning (notice the look of "relief that she is home"), and the others were at the vets office yesterday when I went to visit her ( notice the super sad "please take me home" face). The vets office called us this morning at 7am which scared me because it was so early I thought something was wrong. They said we could pick her up by 8:30am, and I was very happy to hear that. She still has no movement in either of her back legs, as this was a major surgery so they told us it will take a few days and many months after that for her to walk. When we took her in originally she had use of her tail still, which was indicative that she was still somewhat happy, even when in excrutiating pain. But for now no tail wags yet. We gave her some food and water when she arrived home, and I think that was probably the dumbest thing I could have done... because then when it came time for her pill she had to take, she wasn't the least bit interested. I tried everything, cheese, bacon, pill pockets. My last resort was to put it on her tongue and hold her mouth shut until she swallowed. Hopefully our next pill installment at 10pm will be better. For now we have to make sure she stays hydrated, and comfortable, and take her out every few hours to express her bladder... which kind of reminded me of those doll's I had as a kid that would pee when you squeezed them except back then it wasn't real pee. Anyway, trying to stay on the bright side, life has been really crazy lately and it can be really easy for me to get overwhelmed. Right now I am trying to focus on the task at hand, and what lies ahead, the goal of getting Ruby back on her feet. My family is forever grateful to those that have helped us, and it has made me think how much this Thanksgiving will mean to us and especially to Ruby. I will keep updating everyone on her recovery progress.


  1. Oh Colleen, those pics of her remind me so much of when Haiku had to go through it all too. The shaved back and all. I'm sure she and you all are so happy to have her home. Love you guys. Xo

  2. Sweet Ruby! I am so glad she is home & recovering! Lucie & I send her & your family so much love! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

  3. Thanks guys! I have been going through so much's really nice to have my friends for support and love.