Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update on Ruby Post Surgery

So today is Thursday and Ruby had her surgery last Friday so it has been 6 days since her surgery. It has been very difficult for us. She still has no movement in her back legs and can't wag her tail. But I found a website that has a lot of information  regarding Dachshunds, and other dogs with Invertebral Disc Disease, and lot's of other spine issues So far the resources I discovered on there were really helpful, like how to express you dogs bladder, and how to help them poop. This is great because I am doing this up to 5 times a day right now until  her brain sends the nuerological signals to her back half of her body it must be done for her. I know this all sounds disgusting, and really it is...but she is like my child, and I would have it no other way. I have baby wipes stations all over the house right now. And the amount of laundry I have been doing is crazy because sometimes she leaks a little because she doesn't have full control of her bladder yet, and I won't even talk about the poop. But I am hopeful, especially since I have a friend who has a Japanese Chin who 7 years ago went through the same surgery, so it's nice to have someone for support. Anyway right now my life has been like taking care of a paralyzed infant who is very needy and has to be with me every second, there is alot of bending and sqautting, ( I hope that part somehow gives me a better looking ass at the end) I am trying to stay focused on the fact that at some point she will walk. And as for right now I will be resuming my regular blogging and intermittenly posting updates on Ruby. I miss the blogging experience and discovering fun stuff. God knows I could use some fun stuff in my life right now.

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