Thursday, February 17, 2011

VW Love

Volkswagons are special, and so are the people that love them and drive, them especially old one's. There is a certain kind of lifestyle associated with the VW brand. Labels such as carefree, hippie, liberal, free thinker, beach bum, mod, surfer, beat nick etc. I love ALL of it! I used to have a baby blue 1964 VW bug. And everytime I see any model of VW I get nostalgic. Even though I lived 7 years with no AC, and no defroster I drove everywhere with the windows down with the wind blowing in my hair. There was always something special about the way it felt, sounded and drove... the" purr" of that VW muffler. Something almost human about that old car.....I had a lot of good and bad times in that car, I will always miss you Ms. Beetle!!!
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