Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dining Room Or Babies Room?

So I spent most of my days (yesterday and today) since the new year began, prepping my dining room for another (take two) makeover. As you know I had painted it a metallic gold awhile back. But upon inheriting a beautiful piece of vintage asian artwork that was the exact same color coincidentally as the wall... I had to figure out something to do. So I did a tree stencil behind the painting to break up the solid gold-ness of it all. You can see the original makeover HERE. It looked great for some time. But they way my house is set up it's pretty much a great room where you can see every nook and cranny of the kitchen, living room and dining area all from one place pretty much like a great room. And every time I looked into the dining area I either wanted to hang my sons artwork on the branches like kindergarten, or turn on the disco lights, which could sometimes be fun, if it was a full time bar and night club. So I started planning a color scheme something that was nor a green nor a blue but in between. And every room componant had to flow because you can see all the colors from one place. I spent alot of time picking the color in the store for the dining room under the skylight in the home store walking back and forth meticulously thinking "not enough gray" " not enough green" not enough blue" then I finally felt I had gotten to where I thought was the perfect spot to see the color in truest value after about 45 minutes in the store and that was that. I painted it, and all during the daylight hours it looked fine, but then around 3pm when the clouds rolled in the color changed itself to a horribly ugly brand new baby boys room ( which would be fine if I was expecting and planning on using my dining area for a babies room) blue that did not match anything in my house UGHHH!!! I had taken so much time to pick this color and worked so hard! Well my husband and I figured out that the color itself without any of the furniture looked perfect at night time, but with furniture it looked too blue. Note to self,  when painting a certain hue, make sure it's the one that you love otherwise you won't want to spend time in that room. So now it's take two, mostly because I am not pregnant and cannot make my dining area instantly into a babies room. I guess to look on the bright side I got a good workout today. Wish me good luck tomorrow on my second try. I will soon post some pictures of the final attempt.

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