Monday, November 22, 2010

Ruby Update

This is a photo of Ruby when she was a baby (puppy) I know, I think she is my baby. She is going in for her stitches on her back to be removed tomorrow so we are all very happy about that. And her progress has still been slow, but as of this weekend she started barely wagging her tail.  It's not consistent yet, but it's a start. She still doesn't have movement in her back legs, but there is muscle tone that was lost, so we are continuing doing physical therapy and bicycling as well as massage every day to help with the muscles tone and movement. She does not have the bladder control yet that I would have hoped, I still have to express her bladder as well as help her poop. But I did have to take her into the vet for a follow up the other day, and I ran into a lady who had a Dachshund that had had the same back surgery 2 months ago and she was in for her follow up visit and was walking around like a regular dog which gave me hope. I know it's a long process and she just had surgery 10 days ago, so we are now at the uphill part of the battle which is good. She has now stopped the pain meds and wants to play. She tries to drag herself, but we have to stop her because she is supposed to be very calm and actually remain in a crate for 6 weeks. The more mobile she gets the more difficult it will become to keep her still, I am sure. I will keep you posted as to what the vet tells us tomorrow.

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