Monday, November 22, 2010

D- Pulse Mix Tape

OK, initially I found this mix on Aordisco 's blog (where they have some really fun and interesting remixed versions of old really great songs) and of course the picture of Paul McCartney caught my eye, so I thought I would take a listen to D-Pulse Mix Tape. Not sure who he is, but I am really liking it. Definately gets your mind off things to listen to this mix. It starts out really mellow and relaxing, then takes you on a journey to outerspace, and then maybe to a church choir, or possibly chariots of fire around the middle, then finishing off with none other than Sir Paul himself for the grand finale.  This is a free mix which you can download or just listen to samples by dragging the surser. And if you go to his sound cloud site by clicking on the link above ( his name) he has many other mixes and songs to download, some are free and some are not.
* by D-Pulse

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