Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brazilian Blowout Mystery Illness

OK, so it has been not even two weeks (this saturday will be 2 weeks) since I did the Coppola Keratin Treatment on my hair I posted previously about the product how to do it, and where to buy it. Soon after that my brother in law sent me a link telling me that Cosumer Reports actually wants to remove The Brazilian Blowout Brand from US market. And I just wanted to post an update. I have been feeling really strange since I did it. Feeling really dizzy, lethargic, and at times almost like I may faint. When I would stand up I felt like the room was spinning. Not really thinking that the Coppola Keratin Treatment I did would  have given me any of those symptoms but that maybe the fumes could have, I decided to do some research myself, and went onto some hairdresser and stylist forums, where I had previously gone to research before doing the process on myself. Mostly I was hearing "hair loss" but that could be from any combination of things, not just the product alone, so that didn't deter me and I thought "with all my hair I could loose a little and not even notice". So before I did the actual process and found these conclusions I was not in the least bit concerned. However, now after hearing that The Brazilian Blowout is being taken off the market in the US and other countries, and then with further research finding that The Coppola Keratin Treatment is already banned in Ireland and Hong Kong through the European Consumer Affairs website Consumer Affairs Europe (scroll down to read the entry for Coppola.) And I also found that there were multiple websites with stylist who worked in salons where the treatment was done (they didn't even have the treatment done themselves they just work in the salon where it's done) that had dizziness, heart palpitations and fainting spells and alot of disturbing other things reported. I have only done this procedure on one other person other than myself, but I won't do it again because of the health risks. And it is unfortunate because the treatment itself made my hair look fabulous (dammit). But I guess a little more effort exploring the vast plethera of products available to me, is better than feeling like crap and getting sick or getting cancer. And there is nothing more valuable than your own health. So please don't do this to your hair!!! I would not recommend this to anyone!!! There are plenty of other great products that will smooth the hair and make it look just as amazing out there on the market. I am actually going to the doctor for some blood tests and to check my ears tomorrow, just to make sure there are no other issues, and to find out exactly what the cause is to make sure there would be no other reasons for feeling dizzy and fatigued. In the future I will be testing some new products and posting them for curly, coarse, or frizzy hair like mine. I am still on a mission to find the right products that will help make my life easier, and be able to manage my hair better. Even though I am a hairstylist I have plenty of bad hair days too. And I would love to share my adventures in doing so with you.

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