Sunday, August 7, 2011

Up Cycled DIY Mirror

I discovered some old IKEA mirrors I had in the garage and thought I would up cycle one into a decorative mirror to hang in my guest room. First off I looked around the garage to see what I had multiples of, and right away I noticed in our recycle bin a bunch of cardboard beer six pack holders and an empty wine case. I cut those up to make two layers one long for the outside layer, and and one short for the center layer. Then I rummaged around to see what leftover spray paint I had and we had some blue and green so I thought I would try a gradient effect painting the darkest points where the center of the mirror would be. I did have to run to the craft store for a round piece of wood  ( which I found in floral supply) that I sprayed the darker color blue for the center .I also had to pick up some multi purpose glue so everything would hold together nicely. Before gluing I laid out all of the pieces to see that they would fit well. Then I glued all of them on in two layers finally placing the ring over the second layer. Pretty easy if you ask me, and it looks great in my guest room, who would have thought some old junk in the garage could turn out to be so cute!

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