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Paul McCartney Inspired By Dave Grohl

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One of the world's greatest, and certainly most-loved, songwriters of all time, Sir Paul McCartney, is planning a new album of songs written exclusively by other artists. Rolling Stone reports that Macca has already logged a significant amount of time in a Los Angeles studio, working on the project. "They're just songs I admire," he says. "It's get-home-from-work music ... You put it on and get a glass of red wine."

McCartney reveals that he's been itching to do a covers album of classic pop standards since his days in the Beatles, but he backed off when Rod Stewart began his 'American Songbook' series, since the ideas -- and the general pool of songs -- were similar. But McCartney needn't worry too much about Stewart comparisons, as his project after this one may veer in a very different direction, entirely -- hard rock.

According to the Rolling Stone article, Dave Grohl recently had a sit-down with the former Beatles bassist and relayed that he recorded the new Foo Fighters' album in his garage. The back-to-basics approach seems to have resonated with McCartney, who was seen taking in a plethora of next-generation bands at Coachella this past April. "I may run into a garage to record this other album," he says. "But it won't be in Dave's garage."

Not that there'd be anything wrong with that...

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