Thursday, January 13, 2011

Please Help Australia - Red Cross

My friend in Australia emailed me again this morning and wanted me to post the link to Red Cross on page which I hope people will go to to donate and help. The video below only captures a small bit of the devastation but it's really hard to watch.... If you can please go to the link below to donate to the Redcross for Australia...

Hi Mate, Of course I dont mind you putting the email on your blog... I was quite heartbroken when a co-worker that is over 60 broke down crying while telling me he is still trying to get in contact with more than 15 family members that are unaccounted for in Toowoomba.

I hope you dont mind if I can be pushy and put this link on your blog....

Thanks mate and thanks for your positive thoughts..

Cheers and beers

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