Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World Aids Day 2010

This is a really important cause to me, as well as my family and friends. We all know somebody, or have a friend that knows someone that has been driectly affected by Aids. It is so important as a hairdresser community  since we do have a very close relationship with all of our clients and that we to talk with them about awareness, information, and prevention  for everyone...... For more information go to World Aids Day
Five hundred hairdressers from across the country will take to the streets of New York City on December 1st -- World AIDS Day 2010 -- to launch 'Hairdressers Against Aids' in the United States. Hairdressers Against AIDS is a global advocacy program that aims to empower the entire industry of hairdressers and salon professionals to use their unique relationship with their clients and communities to become a resource to interact, educate and help prevent the spread of HIV.Full article :-

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