Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ruby Update

I have recently gone through some very rough patches in my life. My dog Ruby was paralyzed, but is now healing well, and will be back into the vets office on Christmas Eve. for her follow up visit, which we are very happy about, hopefully we will get the go ahead that she can walk after literally keeping her crated thus far. There have been other negative things that have happened, it's pretty much how life is (when it rains it pours) but we are staying positive now, and will no longer allow anyone who wants to continue to be toxic into our lives. Life is too short for that! I am very focused on spending the holiday with Ruby finally walking, along with spending time with my wonderful family and friends, who have all been great through this difficult time. Thank you so much everyone for all your listening,  love, kindness, donations and support...You have been a huge help for Ruby and our family!


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