Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld Talks about Coco Chanel at The End Of Her Life

Karl Lagerfeld  talks in this interview from the IHT Luxury Conference, Karl Lagerfeld has some interesting comments about the house of Chanel and its founder. Suzy Menkes asked Karl about Coco Chanel herself: what he really thinks about her and how safe he had to be when he became chief designer. Karl said that when he took over the house of Chanel, friends told him not to take the job, it was a dead house. Karl said Chanel made two mistakes at the end of her life. When the 60s started she wanted to ignore blue jeans and miniskirts and say they weren't chic. He said no one wanted to hear that. He took the line and its iconic elements and made it modern. Karl said Chanel is a genius line. He uses the classic elements of Chanel (such as the cameillia) but in a new way. Suze asked him what his legacy would be in 100 years, but he said he never answers questions like that. When he is gone, he does not care what happens next

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