Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sitting By The Fire

Here is my son Jonah cuddling with Ruby by the fire. We had a really nice quiet day off for Thanksgiving with my husbands family. And the day after my husband puts all the lights up on the house, and we usually sit by the fire and decorate our tree with the kids. Ruby likes to sit by the fire as you can tell. She has been doing really well. After having her stitches removed the vet told us we could do physical therapy in the bathtub by filling up the water to her shoulder and letting her walk back and forth to get her strength back, she said the boyancey would be good as to not put too much weight on her back legs. I also made a makeshift sling out of old tights that works pretty well too that we use to give her back end a lift while she tries to regain walking. The sling did give her a false sense that everything was back to normal, and she tried to run around with her front legs running quikly to the front door as if we were going on walk, then looked at me dissappointed when she had to be confined again after the alotted 15 minutes of our therapy session was over. She has been able to lift herself to a standing position and hobbles a bit like a drunk, but is not able to move forward consistently. We are only on week three now, and hopefully the progress will continue, it seems like she is doing well to me, and her motor skills are funtioning at a slow rate but they are coming back, and we can only go up from here right?

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