Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tobias Tovera Paintings

 Tobias Tovera paintings are absolutely amazing! It makes me think of gemstones and geodes, and clouds swirling with bright colors. We are heading to Sacramento to visit my Mom for Thanksgiving and we may just be able to stop in to see his exhibition, very exciting! I love all the detail in his paintings, and if I was an art collector (or won the lottery) these are some of the paintings I would buy.......

Tobias Tovera was
Born in Sacramento, California
Lives in San Francisco, California

In my artwork, I am interested in discovering transmuted spaces, places where energy shifts, changes, or renews itself. Through an exploration of the interstices between opposing elements, such as nature and artifice or chaos and order, I wish to explore entropic systems where healing may occur. I want my audience to be left with question and confronted by a raw sense of what it means to be human.


Current Exhibition
 854 Folsom Street (at 4th street) , San Francisco, CA 94107

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