Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wedding Dresses Of My Dreams

So I have actually been looking at wedding dresses very recently with a couple clients online. And throughout my valiant searches (I just can't stop looking)  most of them while drooling, and fantasizing about actually getting to wear one of them myself because they are so gorgeous! When I was married long, long ago, (now going on a happy 11years married and almost 14years total together) I was a large pregnant lady. It wasn't a shotgun wedding oh no, we were already engaged and then happily got preggers. And at the time I was so happy to be marrying my husband, it never really dawned on me how difficult it would be to hunt for a dress for someone of growing size. Fortunately for me I have ADHD which comes in handy when you need to find something such as a bridal gown for a beach ball that would end up an undetermined ending size. My brain works like this, I walk around with people (hopefully people I know not just a crowd of moving people), I'm in a store shopping, and something will inevitably catch my eye, and 'look' it's 'shiny' or 'colorful', and it may seem like I am not paying attention to the people I am with. But no, let me explain something about ADHD, my brain will process all the information, remember where I saw those things, what store they were at, what color they were, how much they cost, where I can find it for less etc,  all while 16 other life scenario movie like trailers are playing in my head and keeping up with the conversation that I am having with my said friend.  But I can't do math, or remember where any of the states are on the map. So anyway back to the story, I was in a bit of a rut with my wedding approaching and my ever expanding self. Somehow the typical bridal boutiques just weren't cutting it, and I was not a cake topper kind of gal. Lucky for me I had one of those 'shiny moments' when I was on  my lunch break at Nordstrom one day. I had wandered into the lingerie section, reminiscing of the days when I actually had the guts and glory to wear stuff like that. When all of the sudden I turned around to see what appeared to have been directly placed in front of me by Jesus himself... a dress. Now this dress was everything I wanted, it had bohemian bell sleeves and was embellished with beautiful hand sewn embroidery, and a  lovely vintage frog knot front closure, it was empire waisted and even had a bit of embellishment on the back with a slight train. The only problem with it was that it was completely sheer and obviously meant to be worn with some sort of teddy or full length nightgown underneath. So my ADHD head started to try and problem solve and I thought " what if I had a gown made to go underneath this" and I did. And it worked perfectly My hair was very short and so I thought I would look ridiculous with a veil so I opted for a 20's themed hat instead I felt really beautiful that day even though I was enormous! But if I had the money to have a " let's renew our vows now because I'm getting older and I'm not 5 months pregnant anymore ceremony" just so I could wear a beautiful dress and feel like a princess,  "because really, it's usually all about me right?" I totally would! The first two are by Temperley London aren't they amazing!

And the other one is by Elie Saab I LOVE THE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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