Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thomas Nozkowski Abstract Art

 I was happily reading next months October issue of  Elle Decor when I came across an article by David Colman about an abstract artist Thomas Nozkowski. I thought the artwork was fantastic! All of his work has an exhuberance that leaps off the canvas at you, wioth bold beatiful  technicolor, but with a simplicity that is hard to explain. There is something about the shape and color that I am attracted to, that I am sure you will also enjoy!
About the Artist
Thomas Nozkowski Biography
Born: 1947, New Jersey; Education: The Cooper Union, New York, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1967
Thomas Nozkowski has been described as a “post-minimal formalist,” by LA Weekly and as “the Chardin of contemporary abstraction,” by The New Yorker. His painting and composition involve the interplay of biomorphic and geometric forms, which heave and rock against each other. All works are coded by number, purposely not titled. The abstract forms become the center of attention without alluding to the real objects in the artist’s memory which gave birth to them. Furthermore, for most viewers, the abstract forms are a two-way bridge back to the viewer’s memory bank, evoking images, and parts of images or forms stored there. Hard looking will be rewarded with this artist. Highly regarded by other professional artists across the country this mid-career artist has seen his work welcomed in traveling exhibitions at universities as well as sought after by some of the most important American museums. Traditionally Nozkowski has produced work using a placemat size format, roughly 16 x 20". More recent works have been produced in larger dimensions. For this exhibition we will be showcasing his paintings on museum board as well as his newly published first suite of prints. Nozkowski has been showing his work since the 1970’s. Read more on the  Michael Berger website Michael Berger Art.

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