Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Driver In a Beautiful 1958 Corvette

 I have always had a fascination for vintage Corvette's the Stingray in particular, when I was googling pictures of Stingray's I came across these, and I thought they were great! What an awesome 58' Corvette and check out the lovely lady with a passion for driving one. I would love to someday have a vintage Corvette to drive around at my leisure wouldn't you!
Penny and Her 1958 Corvette

Penny asked me to photograph the rear of her car "to show the Corvette logo", she said. This is my last image of Penny and her amazing classic vintage sports car.  Penny is our 86 year old neighbor and friend. She is the most youthful 86 year old I've ever met and she drives a 1958 Corvette in mint condition which she bought new 48 years ago. Penny is British and grew up near Devon where she worked for years for the fire department. I asked Penny what she did when she worked for the fire department and she exclaimed, in her beautiful British accent, "I FOUGHT FIRES!". I asked Penny if I could take photos of her with her beloved Corvette. She graciously agreed, and said, "It needs a new paint job, but so do I!" Penny is a lovely woman and a role model of what it can be like to be a senior young-at-heart. Penny's husband was an MGM photographer and I get the feeling that Penny is used to having her picture taken - which made my job so much easier...All Images by Laurie York and to check out some of her other amazing photos go to this website Laurie York Photography

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