Thursday, September 2, 2010

Retro Bikes.....

Ever since one of our friends gave me an extra beach cruiser they had in their garage, I have wondered what in the heck I have been doing all of this time without my own bike! After having the luxury of riding a beach cruiser, you see life from a whole different point of view. You can cruise along, but ride for long periods of time because they are so comfortable, your back doesn't hurt, the breeze blows in your hair, and life is just great! I finally decided to get my self my own bike after falling madly in love with cruisers. Instead of the racing bikes ( I think the costumes for these are a bit much, and a little too Lance Armstrongey for me), or mountain style bikes with gears, I find a ride with minimal hills to be great exercise, along with a nice picnic at the end with friends or family. And I really do like the fashionable retro style of these ones, which are ridiculously affordable between $99 and $119, also go to the website and you can locate a dealer. I am getting mine today at Walmart ,YAY!!
Huffy at Walmart

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