Sunday, September 12, 2010

Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer

                                    I just LOVE this primer, and had been reintroduced to it by a friend that worked as an artist for them and kindly gave me a bunch of samples that lasted a long time. Well I finally ran out and for some reason couldn't see spending $30 on a tube of it. And like the total dork that I am, (or maybe it's just a bit of female indecision) decided to try about 5 other products thinking this would "save" me money in the long run, which it didn't. Considering the time it takes to return things, the breakouts I suffered, the oil slick from one of the products not even coming close to working like it was supposed to, and then trying to get my skin normalized again from trying 5 different things on it. Should I have gone and bought the goddamn Laura Mercier "Primer of all Primers" in the first place, HELL YEAH!! It goes on really smooth and comes in two formulas, one for oil control and regular hydrating for dryer skin. You apply it after moisturizer and before foundation and powder to get long lasting makeup, with visibly reduced pore size (we could all use that) all with a vitamin enriched formula that will make your skin look really healthy.

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