Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ann Ellis Jewelry Simply Beautiful Pieces of Garbage.....

Made from things she finds in garbage cans, Ann Ellis has a very creative eye. She creates these pieces of art with plastic bottles aluminum cans and whatever else she can get her hands on to make one of a kind pieces.
Innovative. Unique. Delightful. Green. Meaningful. Bespoke. Plastic bags have never been so glam. My message is simple: don't discard it, be creative. My jewellery, bags, hats and wall art use materials that are due to be discarded, or that have once been something else: plastic bags, drinks cans, rags, salvaged metals and oddments, including vintage beads and small items or textiles of sentimental value. Such things have a history; a starting point from which the new piece evolves. There is also an element of rescue; it seems a shame to discard something that was useful once, if it can be recycled. Thirdly, there is the idea of transformation - something old becoming something new again. So each piece is individual with a unique past, present and future story of its own. Just one more thing: you'll sometimes find me referring to a material as 'Carrierine'. That's a tongue in cheek term I invented for guess what? Check out more of her stuff and how to but it at Ann Ellis.

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