Monday, August 30, 2010

The Neil Diamond Experience.....

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend The Neil Diamond Experience in lovely Coronado with some friends. We brought KFC, and some wine, and sat outside under the trees amongst many other fans that had obviously been fans for a very long time. They even had port-a-pottys from a company called "diamond provides" which I thought was funny! The great thing about Coronado is that there were people who brought out everything including stemware for the wine (which was allowed in plain sight in a glass bottle, and is a "no-no" at almost every other public park in San Diego) to candles for their little fancy table setups. Some of them even had  portable roll out coffee tables ( I asked someone where they got theirs, and of course Crate and Barrel)  with tablecloths. It was like luxury camping, but without the "dirt" factor. Next time I wanna bring a table and set it all fancy too!

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