Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dog Beach Coronado....

My adorable (comedian) son and my dog Ruby decided to go to Coronado dog beach today. I had to face my fear of Ruby being eaten by a big dog and force myself to go. Jonah had fun in the waves and I threw Ruby's ball out in the water. Then a wave that was higher than the 7 inches tall that she is, took Ruby underwater and freaked her out. I think she was a little bit overwhelmed with all of the other large dogs. She stayeds right by me most of the time. She ran around a bit off leash but after an aggressive dog fight broke out between two large german shephards I knew we should go.  After dog beach we went over to Il Fornaio where there is a small quant beach right by the restaurant where we decided to have our picnic. Ruby dug in the sand, while Jonah played in the water. There were a couple of very cute little girls building a sand castle that asked if they could share my grapes (of course I did they were adorable, only 4 and 5) It was a really nice day, and I got to spend it with two of my favorite people (yes, I consider my dog a person) in the world! 

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