Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trip to the ER......

So we had a really nice afternoon visiting my girlfriends at her son's 5th Brithday party, they had a bounce house with lots of food and festivities, it was a really nice day.  My son however was tired from a sleepover he had the night before, and upon arriving  home decided he was going to ride his  BMX on the back hill which is very steep, I asked him if he was tired from jumping for almost two hours straight in the bounce house...and his reply was "no I'm cool", typical 11 year old. Then he ended riding on the hill for about 30 seconds falling over the handle bars onto the foxtails and then onto his shoulder. Now my husband is at the ER with him and I am waiting paitiently at home hoping it's just some scrapes on his shoulder and that he is just overly tired and  being dramatic. Hopefully he is OK, the last time we went to the hospital with a broken collar bone they thought he had a dislocated shoulder and for about an hour treated him for that injury, which in my opinion was abusive on the hospitals behalf. They could have easily just done an X-Ray instead of having him lie face down on a bed and tugged on his arm for 45 minutes...but then again they have to rule everything out I guess?? Anyway waiting waiting to see if his shoulder is OK... :( 

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