Sunday, July 25, 2010

I need a vacation from my vacation....

Super happy to be back in San Diego! Vegas was fun alot of walking, walking, walking making sure the kids didn't see too much while passing by the go-go girls in the hotels, nothing more really than dancing and throwing beads at anyone that made eye contact with them, but maybe too much for super conservative parents . Had a great time at the pool at another resort that our friends were staying at called the 'Grandview Resort Las Vegas' it was right off the strip. It was a bit more family oriented which was nice because our pool at The Luxor looked a bit like you might catch an STD while swimming, with 100's of 20 somethings 'hookin up' while drinking a 'yard o beer' in the pool. Glad we didn't even attempt to go to it considering the last day we came back from the other resort  and walking by the pool some DJ was there blasting trance music that would have made me want to hurt someone, especially someone holding a ' yard o beer' while making out in front of me. We did go out on an 'adult' adventure one evening to check out some of the restaurants in Mandalay Bay attempting an 'appetizer and cocktail hop' where we would stay for one drink and one appetizer per venue. It was a fun way to check out the decor, food, ambiance, along with the 'super old' Bon Jovi-esque lounge band that we may have had to sit all the way through had we not had a plan. After that we went dancing at another lounge, complete with  light up dance floor of course. Then we moved on to another venue yet another lounge where we got a real treat, the DJ took my request and ran with it playing 6 songs in a row, including videos along with full length remixes OMG! Of course there is no question as to what my request was, HELL-O "MADONNA"!!! It was a great end to a really nice night out with the husbands. Las Vegas is really fun, but it definitely makes me appreciate the smoke free life I have in San Diego, along with the perfect weather, who could ask for anything more?!! Looking forward to a relaxing afternoon at a friends house today who is having a nice Mexican fiesta, can't wait!

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