Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Favorite Inexpensive Cosmetics....

Last night I did a complete makeover on a military mom with three kids who really needed it. She looked and felt amazing afterwards and wanted to get a list of everything I used on her. And after making the list of products  I thought I would also share on my blog for my other clients who enjoy recommendations of all the goodies that I typically use on my self first as a guniea pig. Through trial and error I eventually come to a conclusion that I love a few of them and hate others. In this economy who can afford expensive department store stuff right? We are all trying to save a buck or two! So I thought I would post some of my go to inexpensive favorites here to share. First off, I have battled acne and pigmentation my whole life, so I prefer a good sunscreen in the summer that will absorb oil so I don't get that 'greasy' look. 'Dewey' is ok, but I don't like 'greasy'. So during the summer months I use this product it's $16...

                               Clean Skin Oil Free Moisturizer

Next is a good pre makeup primer I prefer Smashbox. This is probably the most expensive step on this list, if you ask them they have a half size tube for $16 which can last a long time.
And then a good concealer, I like this one because it has three shades of concealer to custom blend, and a powder which I use as an eyeshadow base and eyelash primer before mascara, it's only $10.
Then a good dual powder, which I like to apply with a kabuki brush. I prefer Palladio, which in my opinion gives the coverage of Mac Studio fix, but is half the price under $10. And with out all of the heavy clay that can cause breakouts for people who have sensitive skin.
And here is an eco-friendly brush set I really liked because it includes the kabuki brush which alone can be $30 this one is $9.99.

And a great inexpensive blush bronzer duo also by Palladio in Velvet Plum, gret price too it's under $7.50.
Next is Palladio Lip Stain in Rose it gives a nice stain that you can apply a gloss over and lasts really well, it's under $6

I Love anything mini and these are especially great because you can buy one for every purse you own, and if you are in a night club and don't want to carry your purse you can put these tiny lip glosses in your bra! They are under $1. They smell like vanilla cupcakes too!
                                   Sally Girl Mini Lip Gloss...

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