Saturday, July 31, 2010

Anthony Bourdain is the Mick Jagger of Food....

So I started falling in love with Anthony or "Tony" as some people call him affectionately, soon after watching his show 'No Reservations' on the Travel Channel. The thing I really like most about him was the way he looks at everything with humor, even while traveling through third world countries and eating as the locals do, his descriptions of food are almost pornographic. He not only gives you an inside look at the culture of  the country he is visiting, but appreciates the people who live there, along with their customs, gruesome or not.  He has a biting sense of humor, with wit that makes you want to be a better story teller. He somehow manages to come across as if he has been in a superstar rock band for the past 30 years and has arrived at icon status, but without the drug addiction (it's more of a food addiction) leaving the band while they are still at the height of it all to bow out on a positive note. But then decided to become a chef, travel the world, eat how the locals do, but still have that cooler than cool persona and sex appeal as if he were a Rolling Stone. I know he loves The Ramones (probably more than The Rolling Stones)  and likes to occasionally wear zip up  ankle boots that were popular back in the beatnik generation heyday, and I kind of adore that! I am definitely a fan!

Check out the 100th episode, 100 Is Not Enough!
Anthony Bourdain is celebrating 100 Episodes of No Reservations on Monday, September 6. On The Travel Channel

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