Sunday, June 6, 2010

Picnic with friends.....

 I went on a lovely picnic / bike ride today with my son and some friends to wonderful Coronado Island. We ate lunch which consisted of crab salad sandwiches on french rolls, with rice chips, hummus, grapes and some nice Pinot Grigio. We had a beautiful view of the city while sitting on a nice patch of grass very close to Peohe's. Afterwards we rode our bikes all the way around towards the bridge, underneath it and around the golf course. We discovered there was an open house....did we go in? Oh hell yes we did! It was a 4,000 sq ft. $4.4million dollar home. And of course the listing agent saw us ride up on our bikes and pretty much turned her nose at us as we walked in. But it was fun to walk through, especially since it had a lap pool, an elevator, and even a closet the size of Carrie's from "Sex and The City!" Anyway... enough daydreaming, the photo below is beautiful and realistically what my beloved San Diego does look like if you sat at the picnic from day into evening. But maybe not tonight because the marine layer has come in, I will have to go back for another picnic and stay until evening some other time, San Diego really is the best city to live in for sure...nothing really compares.

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