Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend project....

So my husband Ben is pretty awesome! I called my Dad yesterday to get some ideas as to how to construct these frames, and Ben was able to put these together as per my Dad's drawings and instructions. They were not nearly as simple as they look to put together. First we used a 1x2 piece of inexpensive wood for the main frame, then we bought some plexiglass for the backing which was supposed to be easy to cut with a special tool which didn't happen, the plexiglass broke when we used the tool the guy from Lowe's recommended. After discovering we had an extra piece of thin plywood in the garage we (Ben) then moved onto plan B to cut that with the skillsaw and screw that onto the premade main fraims. Now we had to silicone the insides and stain the outside with a redwood color polyurethane for water protection.

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