Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today was weird.....

So we woke up this morning a were headed off to Lowe's to build these frames that I was really excited about for around a fountain that I have. I wanted to create a smaller version of a succulent garden and hang three of these miniture-ized frames around my fountain that desperately needed something besides naked wall surrounding it. My husband was not too happy about being recruited to help with the building process as he said "I am not a carpenter" many times as we were drawing up the frame plans. But alas we made it to the home store and he constructed the frames. Whilst doing so we enjoyed a cold beer and sat in the backyard along with our son Jonah and our two dogs Ruby and Butter. For some reason I looked over at Ruby our Dachshund and she was violently shaking something in her mouth and I knew right away what it was. For some reason the movie Watership Down popped into my head as I ran over and screamed "DROP IT"! As she lay the baby bunny on the ground I swept it up into my arms and saw it's terrified little eye looking up at me, I cradled it and watched as it made the last couple of flinches that a body makes before it's takes in one last breath of life. And that was it the bunny was gone forever, in my arms. Of course my 10 year old son was really angry at our dog for doing exactly what she was bred to do...and that is, hunt badgers and rodents. Unfortunately this mood has somewhat ruined part of a good day having to explain the circle of life and that it's all part of natures plan, even though it completely horrified me to have to wash bunny blood off of my arms. Now I can't stop thinking about the bunny family that misses their baby terribly :(

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